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Post Posted: 01/18/08 8:16 pm    Post subject: New Era Cap making the news Reply with quote
This is bad, Huge PR crisis for New Era Caps Read this article. It's about New Era's Racial Discrimation towards their employees. I'd think twice of wearing these caps. First they promote gang violence and know racial discrimation. Ouch!!!!
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Yeah I found this link, students are gona be doing a study on it.,+10:00+AM

This is a big deal!!!!!!!
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Post Posted: 01/20/08 12:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Now they are saying that this whole discrimination thing is giving baseball a bad name. Check out the article
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Post Posted: 01/20/08 12:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Some good news for New Era. A company called Ciber won a $2.5 Million contract for New Era's SAP applications. When complete, all of New Era's operations and manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Europe will be operating on the new platform.
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Post Posted: 01/24/08 11:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
This is a really cool article you should check it out. It's about New Era opening a store in toronto. I'm blown away by the layout of this store... It has 3 floors... anyways check it out for yourself

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tony toca

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Post Posted: 01/24/08 11:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
yeah thats a tight article man.... let alone a tight store sick
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Post Posted: 01/28/08 6:55 pm    Post subject: Madison Cuts Ties With Cap Company, Due to Labor Problems Reply with quote
MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- University of Wisconsin-Madison has canceled a licensing contract with New Era Cap Co., citing allegations of discrimination and anti-union activity at one of its factories.

A university committee learned Friday the university stripped the Buffalo, N.Y.-based company of its license to make apparel using the Wisconsin logo. The company made Wisconsin knit caps under the license.


The action comes amid allegations the company discriminated against black workers at its factory in Mobile, Ala., and fired workers who engaged in union activity.

The heads of the Teamsters union and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People were expected to release a report Monday detailing the problems. They were expected to call on Major League Baseball, whose players wear only New Era caps on the field, to pressure the company to stop the practices.

In a statement last week, the company accused the Teamsters of turning to "PR tactics and stagecraft" rather than bargaining for a new labor contract. The company denied discriminating against workers and defended its labor practices.

A spokesman for New Era, which describes itself as the only major cap manufacturer making headwear in the U.S., did not immediately return messages on Monday.

UW-Madison decided to end the contract in part because the company refused to allow its monitoring group, the Worker Rights Consortium, into the factory to investigate the allegations.

The university's code of conduct requires companies who use the university's name or logos for products to cooperate with such investigations and meet requirements for wages, hours and other working conditions. The code aims to ensure apparel is manufactured free of sweatshop-like conditions.

"We decided that New Era is just not a company that we want to continue to do business with," said Dawn Crim, an aide to UW-Madison Chancellor John Wiley. "We are a university that says we want to make sure the best possible conditions are set up. This company just doesn't appear to be able to really be the type of partner that we are looking for."

She said the university received similar allegations of abusive practices in 2002 but allowed the company to stay on board after problems were resolved. That history also played a role in the decision, she said.

The contract generated more than $8,000 in royalties for the university last year, Crim said.

Scott Nova, executive director the of Worker Rights Consortium, said he was unaware of any other universities who have canceled their contracts with the company.

New Era refused to allow the WRC inside the factory and wanted a different inspector even though UW-Madison and other universities designated the group as their monitor, he said.

"Obviously our hope is that New Era will ultimately agree to cooperate with the investigative process," Nova said.
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Post Posted: 01/28/08 6:59 pm    Post subject: New Era answers discrimination charge Reply with quote
At 11 a.m. Monday, Jan 28th 2008 New Era Cap Co. leadership and workers staged a rally at the company's Derby plant designed to show "who the real New Era is."

Two hours later, the Buffalo-based hatmaker was slammed in a Washington, D.C., press conference by the leaders of the Teamsters and NAACP.

What fueled the dueling press conferences were charges from the NAACP and Teamsters that New Era discriminates against employees at its Mobile, Ala. plant.

At its Derby plant outside Buffalo, New Era officials were supported by hundreds of workers represented by the Communications Workers of America as the company continues to reject criticism by the Teamsters. The union was approved last July to reach a labor contract for New Era employees in Mobile, one of three operations the Buffalo-based company has in that state. Negotiations, however, have not produced a deal and the Teamsters and National Association for the Advancement of Colored People released a report Monday afternoon saying the company has discriminated against black workers at the plant. The report also claims that some 20 New Era workers in Mobile lost their jobs as employees organized for negotiations.

New Era, headquartered in downtown Buffalo, is the maker of caps for Major League Baseball and has similar contracts with several other professional sports organizations and colleges.

"We hope Major League Baseball will stand up and join us in the outrage we feel today," said James Hoffa, general president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

New Era defended its workplace standards and announced its has struck a neutrality agreement with CWA, which represents employees in Derby.

"We come together today, a unified front, to show the public who the real New Era is," said Christopher Koch, chief executive officer of privately held New Era. "We're a company that respects its people, embraces diversity and offers growth opportunity. No anti-company campaign is going to shake those principles by which we do business."

The company said it has had 20 negotiating sessions spanning more than four months with the Teamsters in an effort to reach a contract at its Mobile distribution facility. To date, the company claimed, the two sides have reached agreement on several issues but it has not received an economic proposal from the union.

The company has denied the discrimination allegations and said it had contacted and met with the NAACP, providing them documentation regarding the situation and welcoming them into the Mobile facility. Despite New Era's numerous attempts to reach out to the NAACP, the company says it received no response from NAACP. On Jan. 25 that the company was made aware that the NAACP and the Teamsters were holding a joint press conference in Washington Monday. New Era claimed it did not have an earlier opportunity to review the NAACP's findings and work with them to address any concerns.
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Post Posted: 03/24/08 11:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
New Era Cap will be teaming up with the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

New Era Cap Canada
Since 1920, New Era Cap has been the world’s premier headwear brand with products that transcend time, culture, sport and fashion, and allow consumers to uniquely express their personality and style. Producing more than 30 million caps per year, New Era is the exclusive manufacturer and marketer of the official on-field cap worn by every Major League Baseball team and their Minor League affiliates. Other licenses include the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League and Little League Baseball. Some of the Company’s core markets include Action Sports, Children, Fan, Suburban, Women and Fashion/Lifestyle. The Company employs over 1,500 people in New York, Alabama and at its operations in Canada, Europe and Japan. New Era is a ‘Category A’ affiliate of the Fair Labor Association.
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new era

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Post Posted: 03/25/08 9:07 am    Post subject: New Era Rep Shows Love in the Toronto Community Reply with quote
New Era Rep Shows Love in the Toronto Community

"Do you know what company that baseball cap you have on is from? New Era Caps, one of the most popular caps in Toronto". This was the opening Marketing Manager, Adrian Fenty, of New Era shared with the Toronto youth Feburary 22nd. "I grew up in the city just like you guys; but my mom made sure I did something after graduation from college, so I applied for the New Era marketing position. I not only work with the Mississauga store, but the new Queen West location with four levels". Adrian took the time out of his busy schedule to talk to the Toronto youth about the importance of working hard, staying in school, and working for your dreams. He shared with the youth that he wasn't an all A student, but average. But his drive to succeed is what landed him a job with New Era, and a part time position with the ACC. It was great that the youth had the opportunity to hear about the advantages and disadvantages of working in the city he grew up in. At the end of his hour long presentation, he thanked the youth for there support and gave all twenty youths a free fitted hat in their size.
A huge New Era store opened earlier this month at 202 Queen Street West. The four-level hat emporium has about 750 different types of caps including dozens of Toronto themed ones such as old-school Blue Jays and Leafs in what seems like all the colours in the rainbow.

Adrian Fenty - New Era Caps
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Post Posted: 03/25/08 9:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
Chris bosh is a class act
No2 Vaporizer

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He is,

reminds me of scotty pipen
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Post Posted: 05/04/08 6:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
New Era & Marvel to launch caps dubbed ‘Super Heroes’
May 03, 2008 (USA)

New Era Cap's signature 59FIFTY is now donning some of most famous and notorious Marvel comic book heroes and villains.

New Era, the leading headwear designer and manufacturer, announced that it has signed a licensing deal with Marvel to launch a new series of caps dubbed the "Super Heroes" Collection.

This new series will feature character designs from Marvel's enormous library of world renowned characters with designs that reflect each characters' persona from the comics.

New Era's first two collections will be focused on the Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk movie events. Iron Man caps are available now in selected retail stores throughout the country as well as online for about $35.

The designs feature either Iron Man's face or an image of his hand. In addition, consumers will be able to get the caps in a variety colors and choose from two different fabrics including wool and satin. Go to check out the caps, see the movie trailer and learn about the story behind Iron Man.

Caps for the Hulk will be available in mid-May at selected retailers as well as online. The designs for this collection focus on the green Super Hero's most famed traits his eyes and incredible strength.

"We're ecstatic to align ourselves with such an iconic brand as Marvel," said Gerry Matos, Senior VP of Marketing at New Era.

"With their vast collection of characters and our signature caps as a canvas, we expect the demand for these caps to be high."

Paul Gitter, President of Consumer Products for North America, Marvel Entertainment, added "New Era is truly an innovator in the headgear category.

Their fashion forward designs and strong retail clout will help further present our Super Hero universe to a wide, diverse audience."

New Era will release a Super Hero collection every 2-3 months with a focus on different characters including Captain America, X-Men and the Fantastic Four.

New Era will also debut a cap collection in September tied to the action packed theatrical release of The Punisher.
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Post Posted: 05/04/08 6:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
I see New Era is doin like BAPE Very Happy
BAPE made a shoe collection of Marvel Comics.

And some Clothes.
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Perfect match

Bape shoes wit the New Era fitted 2 match
ill combo
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