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Post Posted: 10/16/12 10:04 pm    Post subject: NFL Official vs Alternate 59Fifty question Reply with quote
I am hoping I can get some good advice, I don't know if I am doing something wrong, but generally I have noticed huge differences in terms of quality between the NFL and MLB hats, I know MLB is made in the USA which are much better quality.

I have both the Packers 59Fifty and the alternate, and I would say the alternate has better quality, or am I doing something wrong? I have two 59Fifty's with just the "G" logo, and notice it has creases and lose spots on the back of the cap. I don't have this issue or did I get a bad batch? Having these hats makes me pretty disappointed in the quality.

Both of them have creases and loose spots, and my alternate doesn't. One of them is a 7 1/8 and my alternate is a 7 1/4, am I wearing to tight of a cap? Thanks for the help!
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Post Posted: 10/16/12 10:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
I think first and foremost, upload pictures of those caps, so we can understand the issues better.

Secondly, I believe these are the facts between MLB 5950 on field and NFL 5950 on field: you can find USA AND China made caps for the former while only China made caps for the latter. The US made MLB 5950s averagely speaking, so far are more popular and more reputable at least among guys in this forum.

NFL 5950s, whether they are on field or customized, I believe all were made in China, based on the feedbacks from this forum and other reviews we can find via other channels such as YouTube,, etc., general response towards their overall quality are quite positive.

Once again, upload snapshots, and we can start from there.
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Post Posted: 10/17/12 12:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
All the NFL hats that have been seen so far are Chinese made, the Chinese hats are top to bottom a lower quality item compared to the American made hat. NE has improved the quality of the Chinese hats but the best fitting Chinese hat gets beat by an average American one and gives up its lunch money.

That being said I have noticed certain teams/hats are generally better than others (like your Acme hat vs. the 'G' hat) and what I am betting is they are being produced at different factories in China. NE owns and operates some factories in China (but not in Alabama...) and then buys time at other ones depending on demand.

I would suspect that with the expected initial high demand for the NFL line NE allocated work to factories based on hats, so for example the maroon Cards hat may be produced at Factory A while the black is produced at Factory B.

Whether this changes with subsequent runs of hats remains to be seen as well it may be that the NE factories were the ones making the crappier hats and if production scales down to where there own factories can handle it we may see runs of the crappy Chinese hats or runs of the slightly better Chinese hats.
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Post Posted: 10/17/12 12:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
Good theory there Hat Guru.

You can check the posts but I've said the same thing about my Bucs hats, customs were much better made than the first set they came out so I've been wearing the customs more lately.
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