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Alright lads, I need your opinion on something.

My next cap is going to be the Goretex japan drop from a few months back, and I was thinking about size. I am somewhere between a 7 3/8 and 7 1/2, and since the cap is goretex, I was wondering what size to get, since, normally the halfs are a little too big for me, and from research it seems to me that shrinking polyester is fairly difficult, but if I get the 3/8s and it shrinks on me it will be no good - headaches, red line on the forehead, all of that.

Im not sure how well goretex poly will react to trying to be shrunk, and I dont particularly fancy ballsing my cap up, so lads, which one should it be?
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Just got my Wisconsin Timber Rattlers hat from eBay for $16. Couldn't find one in my size and couldn't pass this up for the price. This one is 7 3/8 but normally I wear between 7 1/8 or 7 1/4. It was made in the 90's as it has the older sizing tag and no NE flag on the side. 100% wool and made in USA. I've found that the older hats shrink better than the newer wool hats, but the sweatband doesn't want to shrink much, just the actual wool crown. So now you can see the sweatband sticking out kinda at the back. Any solutions for shrinking down the sweatband on the older hats?
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If you have a re-cap bubble just fold out the sweatband and slide the hat over the bubble. Once you get it wet let it shrink without the sweatband inside and you won't get as much of a sweatband line in the cap. You can do it without the bubble too by folding out the sweatband and letting it dry this way but its just easier with the bubble.
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Here's my cut n' paste reply of mine from a different thread on the same subject:


The best approach yet (and I've tried a lot of them ) is very easy, very affordable, changeable and in no way alters the stitching or construction of the cap.

Here's what you do:

Buy some cotton balls (cheap, right?)

Cotton balls aren't really "balls", except they are rolled up strips of cotton.

So, unroll the cotton ball into strips.

Take the cotton strips and place them inside of the sweat band.

They can be placed on the sides, the front, the back or any combination of the three.

What's cool is that if I let my hair grow for a while and the "shrunk" cap is now a lil' tight, I just remove some of the cotton. When I get a haircut, add some back.

I don't like to have the cotton on the sides of the cap so I usually just start by placing a small strip of it in the back and take it from there.

.... more in the front, less on the sides.

It's a great way to simply dial-in the fit of a cap that didn't fit.

It works like a charm; I swear.
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dbacks_Nation wrote:
Si1entRaider wrote:
Let us know DB.

I just bought 5 x 7 3/8 Authentics from new era and only 2 are a good fit. The sizing quality control is atrocious I have to say.

Will probs just do the paper towel trick unless roasting them works!

Seemed to actually work this time. I put some aluminum foil down this time instead of a cookie sheet, and used hot water to wet the cap (except the front two panels and the brim). Put it in the oven for 320 degrees at 20 minutes.

I know this is probably a really weird old bump, but I just took a risk and tried this on a Golden State Warriors poly cap I own but has always been just a bit too big to ever not make me look like a little kid (US Poly, bought from Lids) , and it worked PERFECTLY. I had two very small, barely noticeable spots on the top where the poly melted just slightly (I think I bumped it into the top rack, oops), but it fits like a charm now. It gave it a slight "low crown" look as well without making the front buckram wrinkly.

I was VERY skeptical of trying this, because I expected it to just destroy the hat, but I figured I'd give it a shot anyway because the hat (while awesome) was just too big. It instantly went from a nice looking "display" piece, to probably my new favorite Go-To Warriors hat.
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