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Post Posted: 05/05/14 11:10 pm    Post subject: New Polyester 5950 - Hat looks "dented" inwards? Reply with quote
Hi all, first post here, so I hope this is ok. I recently just bought my first polyester 5950 and I'm finding that the hat shape seems a bit strange.

In general, I think this is merely an aesthetic problem but I would like to see if there's any solutions out there to remedy the issue. So basically, it seems like the hat is "dented" inwards a bit around the top and back of the head area of the hat. I have a wool 5950 that does not have this problem. I've provided some pictures to try and illustrate my issue a bit clearer:

Here's what my wool one looks like (not my hat just Google image):

You can see that the edges and surface of the hat seems to curve around properly.

Here's what my polyester one looks like:

The problem I have with my polyester hat (like shown above), is the area behind the crown area seems to "dent" inwards a bit, especially the two lines (sorry, not too familiar with the terms) that form the front of thr crown. When I wear the hat, it maybe seems like the back of the hat is fitted to my hat, but the front crown might be a little larger or something and "sticks out" in a way. You can kind of see what I'm talking about in the 2nd and 3rd image for the polyester hats.

Anyways, I'm wondering if anybody has experienced this and know if there's anything I can do to make it look better on my head. Thanks everyone!
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Sorry to bring up an old post, but I have the same problem. Any suggestions ?
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Just wear the hat. With wear, small wrinkles should get better or even disappear
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