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With the sad news that NE cannot mass produce NHL caps anymore, although it has been noticed that Arenas and a certain hat retailer was able to get restocks after the licensing cutoff, i got this Adidas NHL fitted from my GFs dad for Xmas. Thought i'd give it a run down from a USA made NE enthusiast's POV.
Nashville Predators Adidas Fitted by Brett Swartz, on Flickr

First off this cap is a true fitted, size 7 3/8 which is my true USA Made NE size as well.
First observation was that unlike NE the logo is stitched through the buckram, which is unfortunate and to me always makes a cap look cheaper. On the other hand, the Adidas logo is not on the side like an NE Flag, but rather at the back in lieu of the NHL logo. While i'd rather it be the NHL logo on the back, the lack of a side logo makes the cap look pretty clean.

Untitled by Brett Swartz, on Flickr

My next observation was that the fit is actually really good. This is obviously made outside of the US but it fits better than any imported NE cap. There is a bit of excess material when you first put the cap on, but a slight bill bend eliminated this for me, However, the bill is extremely firm and does not wanna be bent. I use the ole soup can trick and the cap did not like this very much, so i did my best hand curve i could throw on it but i am satisfied with the curve i got. Finally, as shown in this pic the cap's crown while in no means is as low as a low crown NE, it is actually Lower than what i think one of the best USA w/IM made NE in the past two years. Also the price tag read $28 so i'd say if you find one in stores to try on give it a shot!
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