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Post Posted: 09/15/17 2:12 am    Post subject: Squatchee poly bunch problem/experiment Reply with quote
So a lot of recent USA made w/ imported materials caps have had this, sometimes small other times large, excess poly bunch around the squatchee. Which for me looked ridiculous on my head when the cap was worn, thereby ruining the cap! Well I have 3 or 4 caps that are like this so i was determined to fix it. First, i tried a simple recap with temporary success but as soon as you folded it to store or took off for say an hour, the poly bunch was back. After successfully ironing a bad buckram pinch on a griffey tbtc patch cap, i figured i could try this on this poly bunch. My test dummy was my Wood Ducks cap which i purchased on the team's name announcement date.
Untitled by Brett Swartz, on Flickr
As you can see, this was of the more drastic variety.
Here is the results after Ironing the poly bunch
Untitled by Brett Swartz, on Flickr
This is the cap 2 hours after ironing the poly bunch. The button is still angled forward a bit, but the excess poly bunch around it is gone. I'll consider this a success as it no longer looks ridiculous on my head.
i used a recap (my jerry-rigged version of it) inflated just enough to make the entire cap filled, and then ironed the side and back panels just to the side and behind the squatchee. That in turned produced this result. Your case may vary, but i believe this can fix any case of the squatchee bunches!
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Post Posted: 09/15/17 5:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
You're the man, Fittedguy! So long as Hat Club is cool with cancelling my return request, you just saved me a cap. I may make another pass or two to smooth it out even more but the results were pretty dramatic after just two back to back sessions. Before photo is first, after are the next two:

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Post Posted: 09/18/17 12:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Thanks for posting this. I was not looking for it, but just recently bought a cap that has this exact issue...albeit not as severe as yours in judging by your "before" pictures. I was going to try a low heat iron with steam; I've done that for various other poly anomalies (the creases they seem to invariably put on any panels that have a patch...) with some success.

Thanks though.
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