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I've burned my head on the metal part of the button after taking the hat out of the oven. I wish I could say it has only happened once, but that would be a lie.
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Heads up to anyone thinking about using the oven method on MUSA w/imported materials caps: they seem to be especially susceptible to having the buckram separate from the crown's polyester. I never had that problem with the 20+ poly caps I'd put in the oven previously but the first two imported materials caps I tried ended up with this issue. It's rather severe on the first (10 minutes at 300; my standard time and temp on all earlier caps) and less so on the second since I put it in for less time in an effort to avoid the problem (7 minutes at 300).

My latest imported materials pickup also needed shrinking. Decided to put this one in for less time (5 minutes) and I started it while the oven was still heating (was around 200 initially but reached 300 within a minute or two). This seemed to help: the cap shrank somewhat, though probably not as much as it would at 300 for 10 minutes, and there was no buckram separation. Perhaps these imported materials caps and their crappy buckram need multiple shorter/cooler sessions rather than a single full-length/full-heat session.
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