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  Topic: Skateboarding

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Post Forum: General Off Topic (New)   Posted: 01/12/08 11:25 am   Subject: Skateboarding
What does it take to go pro in skateboarding and whats the best way to go about it?
  Topic: Snowboarding tips

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Post Forum: General Off Topic (New)   Posted: 01/12/08 10:59 am   Subject: Snowboarding tips
It's super easy to do. Come in regualr and really it is about elbow position and take off, depends on whether you are going frontside or back side. If backside try to redistribute your weight so that ...
  Topic: Dont know NEW ERA CAP, WELL NOW YOU DO

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Co. Information   Posted: 01/10/08 10:09 pm   Subject: Dont know NEW ERA CAP, WELL NOW YOU DO
Yeah that would be sweet brother
  Topic: The MONTREAL CANADIENS Send Carey Price Back to minors!!!

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Post Forum: General Off Topic (New)   Posted: 01/10/08 10:07 pm   Subject: The MONTREAL CANADIENS Send Carey Price Back to minors!!!
Man the Habs are hot right now!! Forget Price, give him some time and he will flurish
  Topic: Who is going to win EURO CUP 2008

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Post Forum: General Off Topic (New)   Posted: 01/10/08 10:04 pm   Subject: Who is going to win EURO CUP 2008
I wouldnt be surprised to see italy loss in the first round... Greece has no chance LOL and Germany will win
  Topic: North American Gangster

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Post Forum: General Off Topic (New)   Posted: 01/07/08 9:04 pm   Subject: North American Gangster
Dr. Dre is the man... The Chronic album was arguably the best album of all time in my books. He is 10 times the man Jay-Z is, Dre is a major hiphop influence, from eazy-e to eminem. No one can even to ...
  Topic: Movies

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Post Forum: General Off Topic (New)   Posted: 01/07/08 8:57 pm   Subject: Movies
Anyone see I am Legend? any good?
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