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  Topic: 59Fifty 59 years anniversary hat

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Authentics   Posted: 10/07/13 8:56 am   Subject: 59Fifty 59 years anniversary hat
Just had this hit our store. Really nice, high quality cap. I am very impressed. Should be up on our site soon.
  Topic: How do you store your caps'?

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Care   Posted: 07/10/13 8:39 am   Subject: How do you store your caps'?
we keep ours boxed in alleys!

- capkandi
  Topic: D9 Reserve

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Post Forum: Other Brands   Posted: 05/11/13 9:49 am   Subject: D9 Reserve
Any of you guys checked out D9 Reserve Caps?

Pretty sweet and expensive. We just got some in store for us in the UK Smile

- capkandi
  Topic: Iron man 3 hat

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Trade/Buy/Sell "MARKETPLACE"   Posted: 04/20/13 7:29 am   Subject: Iron man 3 hat
we're going to have a bunch of the ironman 3 caps in next week. Personally I like the stark industries one but the blue print one is pretty awesome too.

Our delivery is going to include the metalli ...
  Topic: Brooklyn Nets Cap

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Trade/Buy/Sell "MARKETPLACE"   Posted: 03/08/13 6:38 am   Subject: Brooklyn Nets Cap
We have this in stock, ship worldwide Smile

- capkandi
  Topic: Cant find a site making delivaries to my country ...

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Trade/Buy/Sell "MARKETPLACE"   Posted: 12/12/12 11:34 am   Subject: Cant find a site making delivaries to my country ...
We post world wide, 100% legit and are listed on the New Era site, check out our ebay store:

- capkandi
  Topic: WTB: 5950 Mickey Mouse Runaway Brain in 7 5/8 or 7 3/4

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Trade/Buy/Sell "MARKETPLACE"   Posted: 12/12/12 10:17 am   Subject: WTB: 5950 Mickey Mouse Runaway Brain in 7 5/8 or 7 3/4
Hi Sham89,

We have this hat in stock but unfortunately its in a size 7.

Hope this helps!

- ...
  Topic: capkandi presents :

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Post Forum: Other Brands   Posted: 12/12/12 8:11 am   Subject: capkandi presents :
Hey Guys, We are going to start posting these "capkandi presents" topics every couple of weeks so that you guys can really know what you're buying. I know a lot of you guys are going to be e ...
  Topic: How On Fields Are Made

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Authentics   Posted: 12/12/12 8:04 am   Subject: How On Fields Are Made
Great article, Gives a good representation of the factories in the US. not so sure its like this in China though!
  Topic: batman new era caps

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Trade/Buy/Sell "MARKETPLACE"   Posted: 12/12/12 6:47 am   Subject: batman new era caps
Hi PinkCloud

We currently have these Batman related caps in stock. ...
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