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  Topic: lol, anyone think this hat is worth 70 bucks?

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Authentics   Posted: 12/07/17 1:27 pm   Subject: lol, anyone think this hat is worth 70 bucks?
  Topic: uh how is this legal?

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Post Forum: Other Brands   Posted: 10/18/17 10:13 am   Subject: uh how is this legal?
They should change the site name to cranium snapbacks.
  Topic: New Blog

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Authentics   Posted: 10/07/17 2:48 pm   Subject: New Blog
I never knew people still use tumblr
  Topic: World Baseball Classic 2017

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Authentics   Posted: 02/25/17 2:24 pm   Subject: World Baseball Classic 2017
the DR one is my favourite wish they stuck with the other colours
  Topic: Frankenstein cap

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Trade/Buy/Sell "MARKETPLACE"   Posted: 09/02/16 12:31 pm   Subject: Frankenstein cap
i like that cap wish it was a fitted

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Prices/Legit Checks/EBAY Checks   Posted: 08/07/16 3:08 pm   Subject: WEBSITE CHECK
Anybody know anything about ?

4 u caps r no gd last yr i tried 2 buy a cap from there an they try 2 do some fraud thing 2 my account the bank had to block my card an i had ...
  Topic: SNL SKIT

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Authentics   Posted: 05/17/16 11:02 am   Subject: SNL SKIT
ye i don't like no 1 touching my hats if its a really old hat then im not that bothered
  Topic: Website check

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Authentics   Posted: 03/08/16 8:51 am   Subject: Website check
1st time hearing about this site looks dodgy
  Topic: Would you pay...

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Prices/Legit Checks/EBAY Checks   Posted: 03/05/16 8:02 am   Subject: Would you pay...
no never
  Topic: Australian Baseball League Caps

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Authentics   Posted: 01/27/16 8:13 am   Subject: Australian Baseball League Caps
the official abl website is dispointing hardly have any gd caps and they dont seem to restock there caps
  Topic: LOL

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Co. Information   Posted: 01/23/16 8:51 am   Subject: LOL
i only like the hat lol a new era suit
  Topic: I think my KOOPA hat is a fake? Can you please help?

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Prices/Legit Checks/EBAY Checks   Posted: 01/20/16 6:05 am   Subject: I think my KOOPA hat is a fake? Can you please help?
i was gonna buy this same hat from the same seller i didn't trust it either i read his feed back he didn't get a lot of negative feedback but i still didn't trust it which is why i never bought it
  Topic: Spring Cleaning

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Trade/Buy/Sell "MARKETPLACE"   Posted: 01/10/16 4:12 am   Subject: Spring Cleaning
i ve never seen that scarecrow hat b4
  Topic: MiLB hats (discussion)

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Authentics   Posted: 12/05/15 2:18 pm   Subject: MiLB hats (discussion)

thought those 2 caps where official milb teams
  Topic: Real hat or Fake??

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Post Forum: New Era Cap Authentics   Posted: 10/09/15 12:15 pm   Subject: Real hat or Fake??
ive never seen these in my ife
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